Month: January 2023


    What is a Personal Brand and How Do I Use It? If you think brands are the exclusive property of companies, think again. Your “personal brand” might be the difference between finding the job of your dreams, or spending years in career limbo. Maybe it’s time to perform a little due diligence on your end […]

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  • 8 Career Marketing Tips for Graduates & Undergraduates

    One of the most common problems facing new graduates is how you should pitch yourself to target employers given your lack of experience, and how to do so in a way that differentiates you from the thousands of other people graduating with the same piece of paper that you have. 1)     What’s Your Story? The […]

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  • School Mistakes That Could Ruin Your Career

    When I first started drafting ideas for this article, I developed a list of all the faux pas I’d heard undergrads committing that could hamper their career prospects. The list was so extensive, I’m just going to mention two of them in this article as I regard them as being most problematic. All Work And […]

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  • How To Answer “Tell Me About Your Weaknesses”

    Interview Coaching Vancouver by Ken Docherty

    Interview Coaching Vancouver. If you’re about to undertake an interview, preparation is your best line of defense. In this series of blogs we’ll look at some common questions. First up – What Are Your Weaknesses? Everyone’s favorite question!  Not. Tell me about one of your weaknesses. So, first of all, let’s understand why they ask […]

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