Month: November 2019

  • #1 Challenge Facing Mothers Returning To The Workforce

    BlogImage3 Get Noticed! Get Hired! Elevate Your Career Brand.

    I’ve recruited for top companies across Europe and North America.  As an executive recruiter and recruitment consultant I partnered with talented people across countless industries to help get them in front of decision makers. As a resume writing consultant and interview coach, I’ve worked with the 1% in helping secure them interviews with their target […]

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  • How To Find A Strong Career Mentor

    BlogImage1 Get Noticed! Get Hired! Elevate Your Career Brand.

    Why You Need A MENTOR Now How many highly successful business people and public figures have you seen attribute a portion of their success to their mentors?  It’s quite significant isn’t it? If you don’t have a mentor and you’re serious about professional and/or personal development, you’re missing out. People at all stages of their […]

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